Why work with us?

Let our experienced team of recruiters work with you, to get you ready to access the thousands of job opportunities that Holt Doctors have available. We will take you through the compliance process with the support of our compliance team we will ensure you are in the best position to get the jobs you want. 

Working through Holt Doctors is a great way for junior doctors to gain experience. With good relationships with Trust across the country, we can offer you work in these different locations, and across different departments, both of which give you the kind of experience that may set your CV apart from others. This is especially relevant as we approach the highly-competitive release of the August jobs.

Once registered with Holt, you will be assigned a dedicated recruiter. Let them do the hard work, and find you the roles that will benefit you the most.

It's not just excellent support and job placement we can offer you though. In addition to that, even after you've been placed in your chosen role, we have a variety of schemes and departments that provide you with benefits to give you a content working life.

Refer a friend

Do you want to earn extra whilst you work?

Through our Refer a Friend scheme, you can earn £250 simply by referring a friend or colleague. All they need to do is work 30 hours within 12 months of registration, and you'll have your £250 reward voucher emailed directly to you.

You're not just limited to one though, if you refer 5 doctors you'll potentially earn £1250!

These vouchers can be spent at the majority of high street brands.


The various costs that you incur just from being a doctor can be a bit of a pain, between your appraisals, training, GMC membership and professional indemnity insurance, it can all add up!

However, with Holt Doctors' CPD Loyalty Scheme, you can earn up to £650 off of these costs just by working. The more hours you work, the more CPD points you get, and the more money you can save.


Revalidation can be a daunting prospect with all the different pieces of information you have to provide, especially as a junior doctor. With Holt Doctors, that burden is lessened thanks to our dedicated Revalidation Team. 

Let them guide you through the process, with advice available for all aspects of revalidation, from identifying your designated body, to arranging appraisals and collecting supporting information.

"I have no hesitation in recommending this agency. They work extremely hard for their locums and manage to achieve a great rate of pay as well as good locations. Ashleigh my agent is very quick to respond to emails and I’d be lost without her when it comes to the admin side of things. She’s also super friendly and has been incredibly supportive throughout the current pandemic."

Dr Baggs

10 things you should know about locum work

Never worked as a locum before? Want to know what the reality? This is one of many guidance-based blogs on our website that aim to provide information for doctors on working with Holt Doctors and what they can expect 

To F3 or not to F3?

Once you have finished your F2, you are faced with the decision of going straight into work or taking an F3 year. Either choice suits different people and their situation, but this blog gives you some important information on why and how doctors may take a career break, as well as how to prepare to return to your career after your travels. 


Holt Doctors is committed to supporting charities, both internally, in our offices, and externally, supporting our doctors’ charitable work. 

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