Want to know more about locum work in the region? Here are the key benefits of working in the North East

There are various counties across the region that people can work in including County Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. The North East is a popular destination for many people in both locum and permanent work due to the northern location and varied scenery.

Linking the North East to the North West is the A69 that runs from Newcastle to Carlisle, going just above the North Pennines for a scenic drive. In terms of the rest of the country, the main link is the A1 that runs through the region all the way from Edinburgh to London passing through Yorkshire and the Midlands on teh way.

Northern Rail operate train services in the region, and Newcastle has lines running to link the region with the rest of the country with 1hr 30min trains to Leeds, 2hr 30min trains to Manchester and 3hr trains to London.

Abi Lazenby, my agent and advisor, has been tireless and finding and secure the right posts for me and has considered my needs and circumstances with great sincerity. She is an asset to the Holt team as well as valuable to my own locum career.

Dr Jazib Dahar

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