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Double loyalty points programme

Congratulations, you've taken the first step to joining our loyalty programme!
What is the loyalty programme? 
Doctors have a lot of expenses for just doing their job. GMC membership, insurance, CPD conferences - it all adds up.
We wanted to reward the doctors who work with us, and give something back to help with these costs. That's why in 2014 we launched our loyalty scheme, and we've helped over 350 doctors since then. 
What is the double points offer?
If you work 30 hours in August, September and October, we'll say thank you by doubling any loyalty points you earn for a whole year! You heard us right - double points, for a whole year. We're generous like that.
How does it work?
For every hour you work through Holt Doctors, you earn one loyalty point. Once you've earned enough, these points can be exhanged for cash to go towards training, exams, courses etc...
So how much can I earn?
Points are claimed in chunks. Once you've earned a certain amount, you can cash that in or wait for a bigger payout.
Currently you can earn anything from £125 to £625 depending on how much you work. Double the points means double the £££'s!
Ready to get working? Call us on 0208 099 6943 or email here