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Payment information

Upon registering with us, we will ask for your preferred payment method.
You will be asked to fill in the relevant terms and conditions and supply any necessary supporting information at this time. If you wish to change your payment method, simply notify your recruiter of your updated details.
Holt Doctors pays its doctors through a number of payment methods:
2. Umbrella Company
3. Limited Company or Personal Service Company (PSC)

*Important changes to IR35 legislation were introduced in April 2017 which affects doctors  paid  via a PSC - Read more here
Holt Doctors now operates a twice weekly payroll for doctors working via PAYE.
Some hospitals now operate a direct engagement scheme for locum doctors whereby you will be paid directly by the hospital. In these cases, you will be required to fill in the Trust's own timesheets and follow their payment procedure - your recruiter will provide you with all the relevant information to make this process as easy as possible and will advise you at the point of booking if
there is any Trust specific cut off times for receiving authorised timesheets.