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PSL Hybrid

Maximum choice – total control

Operating a PSL hybrid is an ideal solution for Trusts seeking to use multiple agencies due to a large volume of locum shifts, maintain current supplier relationships and retain autonomy.

The Locum Management System (LMS) from Holt Doctors is a highly secure web based recruitment platform which offers your Trust complete transparency, choice and control over the management and recruitment of locums, while ensuring competitive rates from your preferred suppliers.

Holt Doctors was the first locum agency to operate as a Tier 1 IT portal provider for Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation in July 2013. In June 2014, the LMS was also implemented at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.
Why choose a PSL managed through LMS from Holt Doctors?

LMS significantly simplifies the booking process across your PSL and creates substantial back office efficiencies. The system is made up of different portals – a client portal which interacts with the individual agency portals. Trust locum requests are inputted directly on to your own client portal in LMS and are automatically cascaded to the Tiered suppliers.

Each preferred supplier logs in to their own secure portal on LMS and forwards doctors electronically though the system for you to view and compare all CVs and rates in one place. You forward doctors to consultants and also confirm bookings in LMS, which automatically updates all agency users.
Reporting suite – Agency performance management

Reporting functionality is an integral component of LMS and bespoke reports in line with the Trust’s KPIs will be programmed into the system as part of the implementation plan – this will ensure all required data is captured. There are significant process efficiencies generated for your team by having all communication and booking information stored centrally for all agencies – saving days worth of work.

Management Information pulled from LMS details the fill rate/pull out rates and shift types filled by each agency so it is easy to monitor and review each preferred supplier’s performance, for example, you can quickly establish if an agency is only responding to large jobs and not small hour bookings. LMS then enables the Trust to easily move agencies between Tiers reflective of their performance.
Quick to implement – Full training and support

As LMS is a web based platform there are no costly software packages to purchase and the system can be implemented within only 4-6 weeks.
Training and support is provided free of charge to the Trust and all preferred suppliers. There is a dedicated LMS Support Hotline which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The Trust will be provided with on-site training and a member of Holt Doctors’ client team will be made available for two weeks from the ‘go-live’ date to ensure all Trust users are clear on how the system works.
Case study: Ready more about how LMS was implemented at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to generate significant process efficiencies – click here.
Find out how a managed service solution could generate significant savings for your organisation, contact us on 0845 508 1491 or email client@holtdoctors.co.uk.