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Managed Services

Create substantial process efficiencies and significant savings on your locum spend with a managed service from Holt Doctors. As your managed service provider (MSP), Holt Doctors effectively becomes an extension of your medical staffing team – an excellent support option if you have a small team and will ensure that you are always covered during sickness and holidays.
As well as numerous Tier 1 supplier contracts, Holt Doctors is one of the few agencies operating multiple managed service contracts for the NHS. Where we are established as the MSP, we have successfully implemented the service within only 4-6 weeks and helped those Trusts make significant cost saving efficiencies.
Benefits of a managed service?
A fully managed service would streamline the recruitment process at your Trust by outsourcing the day-to-day management and administration of locum doctors, enabling your team to focus on higher level work. 
  • Reduction in staff time on agency worker management 
  • Maximise back office efficiencies 
  • Generate further savings 
  • Improve visibility and management of locum spend 
  • Transfer management of all sub-contractors 
  • Ensure quality and compliant doctors 
Features of the service:
Working with Holt Doctors as your managed service provider, gives you access to the following:
  • Experienced Project Management Team 
    • Detailed implementation plan from the outset 
    • Key milestones and review meetings 
    • Ongoing strategic management – added value identified 
  • Dedicated Client Manager – day-to-day support 
  • Large in-house compliance team – monthly internal audits, ISO 9001 led 
  • Large Bank of over 16,000 doctors – ongoing targeted marketing in hard to fill areas 
  • Strong relationships with 39 sub-contractors – Regular ISO 9001 audits & performance reviews 
  • Bespoke IT Locum Management System (LMS) – simple to use, improving efficiencies and ensuring compliance 
  • Real time reporting and management information – improve performance and efficiency 
  • Savings data – proven savings on locum expenditure 
  • Competitive standardised rates – reducing locum spend 
  • Full training and support – including, on-site training and 24/7 hotline 
  • 24/7 out of hours booking support 
  • Trust internal Bank management – opportunity to operate through LMS.
Case study: Find out in more detail how we helped Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust save over £600,000 with a managed service solution from Holt Doctors – Click here.
Find out how a managed service solution could generate significant savings for your organisation, contact us on 0845 508 1491 or email client@holtdoctors.co.uk.