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Bank Management

 Operating a successful internal staff Bank

As part of the NHS procurement efficiency programme the department of health is aiming to make over 25% savings on agency staff spend (2012/13 total spend was £3.5 billion).

By working with Holt Doctors as your Tier 1 or managed service supplier and adopting our industry leading IT recruitment platform LMS, we can help you to utilise your own staff bank more effectively and enable your Trust to deliver a better service of care while making large efficiency savings.

An effective Trust staff Bank creates substantial savings – for instance, did you know that it typically costs 40% less to employ a Trust Bank doctor than an agency locum?

While many Trusts are aware of the benefits, quite often there are simply not the resources available within the Trust to manage an internal staff Bank. In many cases, where a Trust Bank is utilised it is operated on an ad-hoc basis by individual hospital departments with data held across a number of files (either electronically or on paper) – this makes it particularly difficult to communicate effectively with Bank staff and manage the Trust Bank out-of-hours.

Should you decide to employ a bank management service from Holt Doctors, you will be provided with with our highly secure web based Locum Management System (LMS) and staffing support to quickly implement and run a successful Trust Bank. LMS ensures a central and coordinated approach to managing your staff Bank, increasing the likelihood of fill and providing a full audit trail of the costs.

Option 1: A fully managed staff bank management service from Holt Doctors.

We are often approached by Trusts to manage their internal staff Bank on their behalf. We will set up all the systems for your Trust and produce internal marketing material to increase awareness amongst staff.

Holt Doctors essentially become an extension of your medical staffing team and will operate the day-to-day running of your staff Bank through LMS, providing you with detailed reports to help you improve workforce planning.

Option 2: Everything you need to effectively utilise your own staffing bank - using our web based Locum Management System (LMS)

Your team will be given full access to LMS and will be able to run your own internal Bank on-site more efficiently. LMS is offered as a standard feature of our Tier 1 and managed service contracts which mean you don’t pay for any costly license fees. Full LMS training and support is also provided without incurring any further costs.

Contact us on 0845 508 1491 or email client@holtdoctors.co.uk for more information on how we can help your Trust save money by operating an efficient internal staff Bank.