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MV – Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust

The requirement

The Trust was looking to streamline their recruitment process in order to make significant annual cost savings on their medical locum spend while still ensuring quality candidates and continuity of care.

The solution

Holt Doctors was appointed as the managed service provider (MSP) in February 2014, essentially taking the burden of the Trust’s medical staffing requirements with a dedicated Contracts Manager and Client Manager to support and develop the service for the Trust on a day-to-day basis, including the management of all subcontractors.

Efficient new processes were introduced to maximise productivity while reducing costs, including, a web based recruitment platform (LMS) installed at the Trust as part of the contract in order to provide a centralised booking process and, therefore, reduce administration costs. For example, through LMS and the MSP agreement, the number of calls received within the medical staffing department was significantly reduced, enabling the team to focus on other elements of their role.

The results

Based on projected spend we will able to help the Trust make over £800,000 in savings in one year alone – approximately 15% of the total spend on locum medical recruitment.

This was achieved by securing the following for the Trust:
  • Considerably reduced locum rates - Competitive VBL discount from Holt Doctors against spend, relative to supply. 
  • Standardised rates across agency suppliers – Holt Doctors ensures minimum escalation against realistically set rates; any increased rates are clearly highlighted in LMS to the Trust (reviewed against KPIs).Full control of recruitment process – all agencies adhere to set rates by going through the MV process resulting in fixed rates and full compliance. 
  • Weekly consolidated invoicing across all subcontractors - split by cost centre / directorate (as well as by grade and specialty), this report shows savings against each directorate and supports gap analysis.
  • Automatic shift break deductions – LMS was able to record and automatically deduct shift breaks which the Trust was previously unable to monitor, saving the Trust over £200,000.
  • High fill rates - when Holt Doctors was appointed as MV, the fill rate of bookings within the Trust was less than 5%, however by actively working within the Trust supply chain and transitioning them through the MV, in only 3 months an 85% fill rate was achieved.
“With Holt Doctors as our managed service provider, the Trust has been able to save £800,000 on our locum spend in the last year. The IT platform provided by them (LMS) is user friendly and adaptable to our requirements. By simply entering into a partnership with them we no longer receive unwanted phone calls, email and CVs, we have standardised rates, one point of contact and a team responsible for ensuring compliance checking is done to a high standard”
Lee Tarren, Medical Staffing Manager
Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust
For more information email client@holtdoctors.co.uk to request an information pack or call 0845 508 1491 to speak to Sarah James, Business Development Manager.