Just in case you can't remember, last year we held a competition for our registered doctors, with a prize of £500 in cash. 

All doctors had to do was fill in their profile and apply for jobs on The Holt App!  The more jobs they applied for, the greater their chances of winning the cash prize! 

Congratulations to our Junior Doctor Victoria Knox!

victoria knox

Well done for winning the £500 cash prize.

Starting locum work can be very daunting however Holt has made the transition feel seamless and supported. The introduction of the new app was fabulous and enables me to keep an eye out for new jobs, book shifts, and submit timesheets without any hassle at all. Winning the app competition was unexpected and such a wonderful surprise!

Dr. Knox

If you haven't already downloaded the Holt Doctors App and you want to see what all the fuss is about, click on the link below and get downloading!  Get ahead and be first to see locum jobs.

The Holt App - Get ahead and be first to see locum jobs

The Holt App is easy-to-use: our innovative app allows you to find locum shifts that match your grade, specialty, and hospital, making managing and applying for jobs much easier. And once you’ve worked, you can upload your timesheets quickly and hassle-free!

Benefits of using our Holt App:

  • Never miss a job – 1000s of jobs at your fingertips. Easily manage and apply for roles
  • Hassle-free timesheets – effortlessly upload and manage your timesheets after every shift
  • Shift planner – your booked jobs are automatically saved in the calendar
  • Personalise – tailor your profile by selecting grades, specialties, and hospitals.

Try it out and see what you think ... with hundreds of different jobs on offer, there’s a job for you, no matter what your grade or specialty.

If you are already registered with Holt Doctors, all you need to do is download the app and log in, it’s as simple as that:

apple app store google play store

If you are not yet signed up with Holt Doctors, it only takes a moment to register here.

The Holt Doctors app is FREE to use and there are no charges for having a Holt Doctors account.

Keep an eye out for more competitions coming soon!

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