Following the recent outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in March 2014 and in line with our commitment to responsibly providing medical locums to NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers, Holt Doctors is now proactively contacting all of our locums and conducting Ebola screening checks as part of our standard compliance procedures. 

Our IT recruitment platform LMS has been updated to record this information via an online declaration form to ensure minimum disruption. 

All locum doctors working through Holt Doctors will now need to complete a short online questionnaire before they are given health clearance to work and make a declaration that they have not travelled to or knowingly been in contact with anyone who has travelled to any of the affected countries within the last 2 months. The declaration also asks the doctor to notify us immediately if this changes. A PDF version of this form is attached.

An additional occupational health form will be sent to a doctor if there are any concerns, the responses to which will then be reviewed by our partner occupational health company. Any subcontractors forwarding locums through to us will also be required to provide this information for each locum.

If you have any queries relating to the information provided, please contact
Further guidance has been published by WHO (World Healthcare Organisation), HPE (Health Protection Agency), Public Health England and Department of Health for those who may have been in contact with the virus or have recently travelled to effected countries, as well as general advice for healthcare professionals. 

If you would like further information, you may find these links useful: 
• Department of Health guidance publications 
• World Healthcare Organisation Updates 


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